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OK, so Grandpa Hank is on Twitter. I know, I know, it’s something that the old man in my brain wants to throw walnuts at and yell, “Back in my day we had honest to criminy discussions without any character restrictions whatsoever! And then we went and played NHL ’94 on our Sega Genesis. Sega Genesis! The controller only had three buttons!” But it’s true. I’m on the Twitter. In the Twittersphere. Or Twitterverse. I got me a Twitternship. Whatever.

But the good news should you choose to view it that way is what’s coming up from Grandpa Hank. Starting this Friday, follow Grandpa Hank for a month-long “Twitter novel.” One sentence a day for thirty days until we have something that more or less resembles a story. “More or less” being the operative part of the description. Actually “less” is probably the most appropriate word to highlight. Most likely, what we’ll end up with is thirty days of utter nonsense. But hey, if the right people interpret my nonsense in a certain favorable way, it quits being nonsense and becomes genius. That’s how the creative world works.

Eventually I’m hoping to get suggestions from readers and followers as to the first and last sentences of these “Twitter novels” as well as characters, plot ideas, and themes. For now, though, I’m just going to wing it and see what I come up with on my own. So if you’re interested and like some of the stuff we’ve come up with here on the site so far, follow us on Twitter and see what happens.

My only expectations can be summed up in two words.
Pulitzer – worthy.

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