Happy New Year from Grandpa Hank!

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As a thank you gift to all of you who decided to sit down and read the silly junk I decided to write about in 2013, here’s a FREE and incredibly timely writing tip from Grandpa Hank.

Wait, haven’t they all been free?

Why yes they have! And this one continues the wonderful and generous tradition we started way back in August.

Quick quiz. Which of the following is correct?

New Years Eve
New Year’s Eve

Congratulations! You’re right if you picked the correct answer!

And the correct answer is the one with the apostrophe.

The eve belongs to the forthcoming new year and thus requires the apostrophe. It isn’t any different than something like “Tuesday’s specials” or “Thanksgiving’s slate of football games.” This should also go without saying, but it applies to New Year’s DAY as well.

New YEARS Eve would throw the world into utter chaos because it would somehow be the eve of multiple new years at the same time. No one would have any idea how old they were or what they had scheduled for the following weekend. Are your vehicle tags expired or not? Are your pants still fashionable? It would be a damn nightmare.

To be honest, this is one of the most common mistakes you can possibly make. In fact, it’s so common that it’s likely that no one will even notice. For instance, with a quick Google search of “New Year’s Eve” in my hometown, the first fifty results only yielded a 76% success rate. Nearly one in four major websites got it wrong. (By the way, this includes the event calendars for BOTH our major newspapers) Great job, guys!

So anyway, that’s my FREE tip of the day that comes as AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU! Also, Happy New Year. Here’s hoping all of our readers have a wonderful and mistake free 2014.

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