The Shack

The idea for this blog came about when two ideas combined. First of all, my sister Kelly (who maintains the site because I’m a complete technophobe) spent four years as a marketing genius at a small startup company in the fitness and nutrition industry. As they tried to get all of their ideas off the ground, Kelly found herself in the unfamiliar position of having to write press releases, brochures, scripts, website pages, and magazine articles for a consumer base unfamiliar with their products. She would often have to look up formats, writing tips, and correct grammar on the fly while she was in the middle of the ninety-seven other things that the marketing director at a small startup was entrusted with each day. It was then that she realized she wasn’t alone. There were many others in similar positions who were in need of some writing guidance on occasion. If that guidance came in a format that wasn’t as boring as reviewing your car insurance policy, then cake for everyone! The “business” side of the blog is designed to give busy people such as Kelly a quick, easy, and fun way to gather and implement the information they need.

While that particular idea launched the blog, we felt that the creative side of writing couldn’t be ignored. In my career, I’ve had a lot of amazing successes. I’ve also had a few spectacular failures. A majority of my projects sort of worked and sort of didn’t. Because of this, I feel that I can offer a unique perspective on the life of a storyteller that can hopefully provide a bit of hope and comfort to my fellow writers. I wanted to document the sky-high peaks and the long, seemingly never ending valleys of frustration that we all have to endure as we pursue our dreams here in a stagnant, zombie economy.

Mainly because of horrible timing and (expletive deleted) in the financial industry, in five years I went from one of the hottest up-and-coming screenwriters in Hollywood to a grunt who had the tremendous fortune of cleaning the slobby crap out of rental cars all day. This is as much fun as it sounds. (Trust me, the people of Monroeville, PA could get crumbs out of a grape) Passionate writers young and old need to know that other people are experiencing the same joys and roadblocks. It helps us plow through when we want to chuck our laptop into the nearest Waste Management truck and wave goodbye as it turns the corner.

Along with tips on plot and character development, the “creative” section will have interviews with people that are very well established in the profession as well as recent graduates who are hanging on for dear life. The goal is to create a welcoming and slightly wacky place where writers can come to feel connected to other writers. This section is designed to grow and evolve with reader input.

We hope the site is useful to you and at least on occasion brightens an otherwise boring day. Thanks for visiting and good luck with whatever project brought you out to visit ol’ Grandpa Hank in the shack underneath the Magnolia Tree.