Who’s Cramer?

Kevin Cramer has a semi-lustrous and very prominent beard.

(Editor’s note: This was a dumb way to start out. If you ever decide to shave your beard, you’ve added the unintended consequence of having to rewrite your entire bio so as not to be a giant liar. “Oh, no one will notice or care,” you say. But then one lie leads to another lie and next thing you know you’re halfway up a tree in the jungles of Nicaragua trying desperately to hold onto your trembling machine gun. It’s a slippery slope, dude.)

Fine. Kevin Cramer MAY OR MAY NOT currently have a semi-lustrous and very prominent beard. It will have to remain a mystery. What he does have though, is two tons of writing experience in a variety of different areas. What started out as a teenage desire to write short stories has taken him on a twenty-year journey into the world of magazine articles, print ads, business blogging, and script writing.

Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, (where he minored in Creative Writing) as well as an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of California-Riverside. In 2007, he won a prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Screenwriting Award for his screenplay “Zen Dog in the Clouds.” His stage plays have been seen all over the country as well as overseas.

When not at his computer, Kevin spends most of his time applying ice packs to whatever muscle or body part he tweaked, bruised, or tore playing Ultimate Frisbee. He lucked out and married a beautiful tattoo-artist who plays roller derby and fully supports his writing addiction. Also he writes bios about himself in the third person in a foolish attempt to make people think he’s so big time that someone else wrote his bio for him.